Virtual Interlining

Where modern airline
partnerships are born

Volario offers airlines a fully digital and data-driven distribution channel to reach more passengers through virtual interlining

The new way to interline
for airlines

Volario is a modern flights platform that enables carriers to build new partnerships quickly & at scale

  • Grow your network
  • Sell more seats
  • Generate incremental revenue
  • Access new markets
  • No overhead or investment

The problem

Today’s interline solutions have limitations

  • Traditional interlining does not fit the LCC business model
  • Alliance & interline partnerships are not suitable for every route or market
  • White-label VI platforms have limited scalability and interfere with regular operations¬†
  • Self-connect OTAs act independently & not in the interest of the carrier


A modern solution is needed

Volario acts as your airline’s virtual interlining merchant, allowing you to reap the benefits immediately

  • Volario matches your inventory with other carriers
  • We act as the merchant of record (IATA licensed)
  • Your brand remains unaffected; you sell via our OTA
  • We support the passenger throughout their journey


Start virtual interlining in a few easy steps

Purpose-built to make virtual interlining easy

Merchant of Record

Volario is the Merchant of Record, meaning that we take care of the passenger throughout their journey.

No investment needed

Simply plug & play into the Volario network with the support of our Partner Success team.

No brand implications

The routes are sold via Volario, meaning that it does not need to interfere with your brand or website.

Test routes & markets

Volario can act as your sandbox to testing & validating hypotheses about new routes and markets.


Take it one step further with through-check

From self-connect to full-service virtual interlining. Airsiders works with airlines to enable the through-check of luggage.

By design, our end-to-end solutions align with existing airline processes, ground handling operations, local customs requirements, and require no IT changes for the carriers.

SpokeTag: setup a Volario-branded CUSS application at the origin.


HubTag: we facilitate the re-tagging of the luggage with the hub airport.


Are you an airport? See how we can partner.

Airports can join the Volario platform as network partners to support their airlines & passengers with the future of interlining.

Start virtual interlining
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Reach out to our team for a demonstration and find out how we can help you get started with virtual interlining.

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