Virtual interlining
at your airport

Airports can join Volario as partners to power the next generation of interlining & improve the self-connect experience


A plug & play virtual interlining platform

Virtual interlining presents a sizeable potential for airports to grow their passenger traffic, become more competitive, increase revenues, and better service their customers.

Volario offers airports a number of ways in which they can improve the current self-connect process while unlocking the potential of virtual interlining for airlines and passengers.


Offer your airlines a distribution channel

Virtual interlining has become a priority for airline & airport executives in the last few years. However, the path to launching ticketing capabilities is not straightforward.

Volario offers airlines an asset-light & easy platform where they can start selling virtual interlining tickets quickly, so you as an airport can benefit from it.


Facilitate the through-check of luggage

Volario is powered by Airsiders’ technologies, meaning that the platform can offer the sale of luggage through-check as an ancillary.

We partner with airports & airlines to set up the end-to-end operations – from sales to ground handling – to make a full-service virtual interline possible.


Help passengers navigate their transfer

By becoming a Partner, airports gain access to their own page on Volario Go which provides passengers with personalised trip-planning & journey guidance; even for itineraries where they must re-check their luggage.

Airports can promote the page through their physical & digital channels to help passengers navigate the self-connect process whilst collecting valuable data insights on its customer during transit.


Drive more traffic through your airport

Off-the-shelf, Volario enables airports to run marketing campaigns for virtual interline passengers. Our platform enables you to brand & customise flight search results for connections where your airport is the hub.

Drive traffic by incentivising passengers to fly through your airport in the form of ticket price discounts. Segment the offering to specific routes, markets, and airlines.

Volario is your virtual
interlining partner

Volario is a scalable platform for airports of all sizes and segments

  • Offer connectivity to new airlines
  • Empower your existing airlines
  • Attract more passengers
  • Improve the passenger experience
  • Unlock aero & non-aero revenue

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