A seamless airport
door-to-gate journey

Volario Go makes it possible for airports to provide personalised guidance to their passengers for any flight & itinerary

Digital guidance for
the airport journey

The Volario Go platform enables airports to digitise the passenger experience

  • Digital companion for the passenger
  • Personalised to any trip or itinerary
  • Door-to-gate & gate-to-gate
  • Preview & real-time guidance
  • Quick setup

The problem for passengers

The airport journey can be stressful

  • Passengers must access fragmented information from multiple sources
  • Each airport & airline offer a different standard of communication
  • Airport maps & websites offer no personalisation to individual needs
  • Passengers have no visibility into total journey time or transport modes


A seamless passenger experience directly translates to revenue

By offering passengers an easy web-based digital journey tool, airports can engage their customers pre-travel, provide them with useful information, and drive retail as well as parking and ancillary revenues.

However, building passenger experience applications from the ground-up in-house or with external agencies is a slow & costly process, hence discouraging most airports



Meet Volario Go, the digital airport companion

Volario Go provides airports with a plug & play passenger guidance platform

  • Generate a web-based digital twin of your airport
  • Offer travellers a prediction of their journey pre-travel
  • Provide real-time guidance to passengers on the day of travel
  • Monetise the application through affiliates & ancillaries

How it works for passengers

Volario supports passengers throughout their journey

Discover the features from the passengers’ perspective


Select your airport & flights

Users are able to intuitively browse the airport they would like to receive guidance for, and select their departure, arrival, or transfer flights


Choose your transportation mode

Through the integration with Google Maps, passengers are able to select their start or end location together with their choice of transport mode


Preview your journey

Passengers receive a prediction of their door-to-gate, gate-to-door, or gate-to-gate journey, including the total trip time as well as a visualisation of their indoor route at the airport


Save your itinerary as a mobile wallet pass

Users are able to download a “journey pass” that stores their itinerary information, allowing them to receive status updates and relevant information on-the-go


Discover the airports in the journey 

With a seamless functionality to switch between airports, users are able to intuitively explore the retail & service options at the airports on an interactive map, and add these POIs as stops to their indoor routes

The opportunities for airports

Find out how you can benefit from providing a door-to-gate journey for your passengers

Plug & play platform

We have done the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. Simply plug & play into our platform and offer your passengers a seamless experience.

Drive retail revenue

Make it easy for your passengers to discover retail options at the airport relevant to their journey. Promote them retail options that can be relevant.

Generate ancillary revenue

Whether it is fast-track or parking, integrate your services and promote them within the platform. Get a kick-back from 3rd party services.


Continuously improve & customise the platform with new functionalities, services, and requests as you go.


Get started with Volario Go in a few easy steps

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